Plantronics – Savi 8220 Office – Wireless DECT Dual-Ear

Working in the 21st century means having to stay connected. These days, we have many, many options for connecting with our colleagues, friends and coworkers. For me, I’m constantly switching between my deskphone, computer-based service such as Zoom, Slack and other services, and of course my mobile phone.

We’re used to wired headsets that can connect to our deskphones that sales, support, administrative or anyone who calls regularly for work are familiar with — and then in some cases, we need a separate headset for smartphones and tablets such as Apple AirPods that connect via Bluetooth.

This is why the Plantronics Savi 8220 headset is pure genius. This connected device can hook up to all three devices that you have your daily calls on, no matter which device they occur on, all at the same time. Let’s dig in and see how the Savi 8220 performs.

Savi 8220 UC D200 USB-A
Savi 8220 UC in Charging Base with D200 USB-A

First Impressions and Unboxing

The Plantronics Savi 8220, as you can see in this picture, is a two-piece solution — the base itself and the wireless headset. The box comes with all accessories needed, the cords and a quick start guide to get you up and running fast.

The headset is well-built and the kit comes with:

  • Wireless headset 
  • USB Type-A cable
  • Phone RJ-11 cable
  • Headset base

This headset is extremely lightweight and so comfortable. It connects to your laptop or desktop computer via USB cable; to your mobile phone via Bluetooth connection; and to your deskphone using the included phone jack. One might think this connection set up and wiring would be difficult, but every cable is clearly labeled and documented in the supplied “Quick Start” guide.

The Impressive Feature List

The Plantronics Savi 8220 is a premium grade desk headset, and this is apparent with the feature list. This device delivers enterprise-grade DECT audio, which means you’ll have amazing stereo sound, active noise cancellation (which cuts out background noise) and more. Let’s go through this impressive feature list:

  • Multi-device connectivity including mobile phone, computer and deskphone
    • You can even join calls together between your mobile and desk with the push of a button for handy three-way calling
  • 580 feet of range— that’s almost two football fields, or three hockey rinks, in distance
  • Noise-canceling mic
  • Battery life that lasts 13 hours of talk time before needing a charge
  • Adaptive power system that activates low-power mode when the headset is close to its base, to conserve battery life
  • Mute alert that tells you if you’re talking on mute mode
  • Built-in ringer so you can take calls away from your desk

Buttons and Controls

The Savi 8220 headset and base have buttons that let you control every aspect of the calling experience with the device.

On the headset itself, the adjustable mic enables you to position it perfectly so your callers can hear you. There are two buttons on the mic boom, including the multi-function call button that starts and ends calls, and the red mute button. On the right side of the headphone is a slider dial-like rotating button that adjusts call volume in an easy way. (That means no having to fuss with up and down buttons that can be super confusing.)

On the bottom of each can (the headphone itself) are two buttons — one is off/on so you can control power. On the other can is a button to toggle ANC, or active noise cancellation, that cuts down background noise on the mic in case you’re in a noisy environment.

On the base, there are three buttons that control which ‘channel’ the headset is connected to — either your mobile phone via Bluetooth, your computer or your deskphone. Again, you can bridge calls between your mobile phone and your deskphone in case you need a quick 3-way call with ease.

Performance and Call Quality

So, there are many things to evaluate with the Savi 8220. At its price point, it’s important that this headset performs. I’m here to tell you — it really does!

As far as call voice quality, I’ve never heard my callers with such high-fidelity. No matter if I’m calling through my deskphone (the headset is hooked up currently through my Grandstream VVX3370), my mobile or a Zoom call on my Mac, the high-fidelity audio features shine. Also, HD Voice calls via my mobile are high quality. Callers say I sound crystal clear, and their voices are also fantastic to me.

It’s remarkable how comfortable the Savi 8220 is. It’s surprisingly lightweight, easy to wear all day and it is amazingly sturdy.

I also really like the wireless range of this headset. I can walk around my entire office, which means I’m hundreds of feet away, and take calls even through walls. This is super handy for when you’re on a call and need to run and grab a print job, or hop into a huddle room or conference room for privacy. 

This headset’s beauty is in its simplicity. After initial setup and hook up, it’s so amazing to handle calls between three different devices with wireless ease  — without the corded headset tangled mess or need to switch between earpieces.


The Plantronics 8220 stands out in every way it should. This includes:

Easy to set up and use

Amazing battery life

Fantastic call performance — both for you and those you’re calling

Long-range Bluetooth that lets you walk around your office and stay connected

No matter if you’re an office worker who calls others down the hall or across the country via your deskphone, or someone who goes between their mobile and desktop conferencing solutions like ReachUC, GoToMeeting, Zoom and others, this headset will add value to your work setup. 

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